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District Leadership Conference

The District Leadership Conference (DLC) is the second annual conference and the first-level host of competitive events. It occurs in January at a different location for each district. For our own District 4/5, the DLC takes place at Tri-County Jr./Sr. High School.

Continue reading the articles below for the most recent news regarding the Fall Leadership Conference.

Congratulations at District!

On Saturday, we made our way to Tri-County for the annual District Leadership Conference which, along with the testing last week, determines who is eligible to go to state.

We are thrilled to announce that a whopping EIGHTEEN members of our chapter made it to state this year, a major improvement from five last year. That's four times more state-eligible rankings than ever before!

Our next meeting will be on Monday, January 26th, 2015. Congratulations to all who participated! We look forward to state—it will be a completely different experience with so many participants.

DLC Results

Those marked green are invited to participate at state. Those without a rank advance directly to state.


Small Business Management Team

Christy Begley, Emily Ennis, Natalie Foster, Gabby Hunte


Prepared Speech

Dakota Atkins


Java Programming

Mitchell Cooper


Interview Skills

Hayley Potts


News Broadcast Team

Dakota Atkins, Dakota Burghardt, Rhett Ezra, Clara Rodgers


Prepared Speech

Emily Ennis


Computer Animation Team

Garrett Coghill, Bailey Estes



Ana Helms – with the help of Mitchell Cooper, Rhett Ezra, Darrian Gerard, Gabby Hunte, Brooklynn Smith


District Conference Tomorrow

After countless reschedules due to school cancellations, we were finally able to have an "in-school field trip" for BPA on Monday. Many of us took our tests for District, and others practiced their presentations and interviews. We are excited to announce that some members are already eligible for participation at the state level.

For those events which require more than testing—such as presentations, speeches, and interviews—we will attend the 2014-15 District Leadership Conference at Tri-County Jr./Sr. High School tomorrow morning. Along with our computers, easels, and posters, we are to be there from a quarter 'til nine to a little past noon.

Please wish those competing luck! These presentations, as well as the testing which occurred on Monday, will determine which of our members will have an opportunity to participate at the State Leadership Conference.

Our members

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Our members

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Our members

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