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Fall Leadership Conference

The Fall Leadership Conference (FLC) is a tool used primarily to attract and recruit new members. This initial conference informs attendees of what BPA is all about. Both existing members and those interested in joining BPA are welcome to attend the conference. The Frontier BPA chapter does not require anyone to pay a fee to attend.

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2014 Fall Leadership Conference

Our first meeting

Yesterday, eight of us rode the minibus to Ball State University in Muncie for the 2014-15 Fall Leadership Conference. This was the first time we sent anyone to the FLC, so we were not entirely sure what to expect.

The conference initiated with a warm welcome from the Indiana Association State Officer team and a couple other speakers. Then, we chose between a list of presentations spanning topics such as How to Become an Effective Leader, What BPA Can Do For You, How to Manage Time Wisely, Dress to Impress, Social Media Do's and Don'ts, and a few others.

After lunch

Halfway through, we took a break to browse the Ball State bookstores. Then we ate lunch at one of the excess of ten on-campus cafeterias. Chick-fil-a, Papa Johns, and a couple other restaurants were offered there.

Candid photo

After lunch, we took a tour of the Ball State campus. Of course, it was freezing outside and sleeting, but we still enjoyed the tour. Ball State has a great campus and was an excellent host for the conference.

Just before adjourning, the state officers passed out some door prizes by drawing ticket numbers that were handed out at each meeting. None of our members were lucky enough to receive a prize, but some people were lucky enough to win more than one... There's always next year.

All Aboard the Minibus

We're sending several members and hopefully some non-members to the Fall Leadership Conference on Saturday. It will take place at the Miller College of Business on the Ball State University campus in Muncie.

The FLC is a tool used to inform attendees about BPA activities and traditions. It's also used to attract and recruit new members, so non-members are welcome to join. It's the initial conference that advertises what BPA is all about.

Ball State University

We will depart the high school at 6:45 A.M. on Saturday. Those going on the trip are to bring money for breakfast at McDonalds and lunch on the campus. No transportation or registration fees are required.

Our chapter unfortunately did not make it to the FLC last year, so we're excited to see what it's like!

Our members

Business Professionals of America is the leading career and technical student organization for students pursuing careers in business management, office administration, information technology and other related career fields.

Our members

BPA provides students at Frontier with the skills, experience, and connections that will be required throughout the pursuit of their careers as well as important lessons that will be valuable throughout their lifetimes.

Our members

Our chapter practices various forms of activism in both our school and its surrounding communities. Although we do mean business, we're confident that BPA is a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone.

In a spirit of friendship and goodwill, we prepare for careers in a world-class workforce. We work together to develop professionalism and leadership through Business Professionals of America and pledge our loyalty to our nation.