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State Leadership Conference

The State Leadership Conference (SLC) is the third annual conference and second-level host of competitive events, following the District Leadership Conference. The state conferences are planned and operated by the independent associations within each state. The Indiana Association's annual SLC is held in downtown Indianapolis each year. The Indianapolis Marriott Downtown serves as the Indiana Association's state conference headquarters.

The annual state conference is a three-day event. Participants stay for two nights at one of a few hotels in downtown Indianapolis. Throughout the conference, BPA conducts a number of sessions and meetings which intend to teach members important skills that will be useful in their later lives. These sessions include keynote speakers, formal BPA traditions, entertainment, and the awards ceremony.

Our chapter has experienced great success at each State Leadership Conference. Continue reading the articles below for the most recent news regarding the conference.

SLC Results

Those marked green are invited to participate at nationals. Those without a rank advance directly to state.

The events tagged N/A were state participants, but the complete list of results were not published.


Small Business Management Team

Christy Begley, Emily Ennis, Natalie Foster, Gabby Hunte


Computer Animation Team

Garrett Coghill, Bailey Estes


Java Programming

Mitchell Cooper


News Broadcast Team

Dakota Atkins, Dakota Burghardt, Rhett Ezra, Clara Rodgers


Prepared Speech

Dakota Atkins


Interview Skills

Hayley Potts


Prepared Speech

Emily Ennis

Incredible Involvement in Indianapolis

On Sunday, March 15, seventeen members boarded the yellow bus and were off to Indianapolis for the 2015 State Leadership Conference (SLC).

Indianapolis Zoo

Upon arrival, the hotel rooms were not yet available, so several of us headed to the zoo or to lunch. All of our luggage was stored in a tightly crammed room with everyone else's. We only lost one article, but we later found it. Our chapter stayed at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown this year. During SLC, the Marriott also serves as the BPA conference headquarters.

Sixteen of our members competed in competitive events on Sunday and Monday, most of which took place within the hotel, with a few others at Pike High School. Events in which our members participated include Small Business Management Team, Prepared Speech, Human Resource Management, Java Programming, Fundamental Desktop Publishing, Interview Skills, Broadcast News Production Team, PC Servicing & Repair, Computer Animation Team, and Computer Programming Concepts.

Torch Ceremony

During free time, we attended a number of constructive BPA sessions and meetings. We also spent time exploring the Circle City. Each evening, the events were followed by a BPA General Session featuring the excellent comedian/speaker David Dean, BPA traditions such as the Torch Ceremony, and of course, the BPA Awards Ceremony. Then, we would head to Steak 'n Shake each night, our designated Frontier BPA headquarters.

Crowded Steak n' Shake

Just like last year, we were not the only ones with that idea. The first night, we waited for a long time before getting our food. They were out of shakes! The second night, we saw that it was again quite busy and decided to walk to an ice cream shop at Monument Circle, but by the time we got there, it was closed. We then stopped by Steak 'n Shake on the way back to the hotel, which was without a doubt the biggest mistake of our entire trip. We were exhausted and ended up waiting literally two hours before receiving our shakes. There were all kinds of mix-ups. Protip for future BPA members: It's not worth it! We've learned the hard way – twice!

Dick's Last Resort

As a group, we went to Dick's Last Resort for dinner on Monday. It is a... unique place to dine. We ate there last year too, so it has become a sort of tradition for Frontier BPA. Basically, the environment is racy, and the waiting staff are counterproductive and disrespectful. They yelled at us, insulted us, made us feel unwelcome. And they force you to wear ridiculously uncomfortable paper hats inscribed with hurtful messages. Sounds like a great time, right?

Emily Ennis – All Star

When Tuesday morning came around, we prepared our luggage for the trip back to Chalmers. We cleared out our hotel rooms and headed to the final General Session, the Awards Ceremony. After introducing the newly-elected State Officer Leadership Team, the Indiana Association recognized some individuals for outstanding contributions to their local chapters. Our own Emily Ennis was a recipient of this Chapter All-Star award. Then, as the All-Stars were recognized on stage, the announcer began to describe one individual who helped to double the membership of her chapter and frequently volunteers at the local food pantry. We immediately knew that he was referring to Emily, and sure enough, she received the one and only State All-Star award.

Mitchell Cooper – 2nd place
Emily Banta – 4th place
Bailey Estes, Garrett Coghill – 4th place

Later, the competitive event finalists were recognized.

The first of our members to be recognized was Mitchell Cooper for his performance in Computer Programming Concepts. He went on to be awarded second place in the state, qualifying him for NLC.

Next, Emily Banta was invited to the stage as a finalist for her achievements in the Human Resource Management event, which she had placed first in at district. She went on to receive fourth place in the state!

Garrett Coghill and Bailey Estes followed and were recognized as finalists for their excellent work in the Computer Animation Team Event. They went on to receive fourth place in the state, and Garrett will move on to NLC!

Christy Begley, Natalie Foster, Emily Ennis, Gabby Hunte – 1st place

Finally, our participants in Small Business Management Team were invited to the stage as finalists. 10th place goes to...not Frontier. 9th place goes to... not Frontier. The suspense was killing us. Third place was announced, not Frontier. So we were thrilled at that point to know that they were on their way to NLC in California. But they did not receive second place—they got FIRST!

Those who did not qualify for NLC were so close and deserve recognition because making it to state alone is a huge honor. We had some who would have qualified had they placed just one rank higher. Our News Broadcast Team was short only ONE point. Overall, our chapter performed fantastically at state, and regardless of ranking, it was an enjoyable and beneficial experience. We will cherish the memory forever and make use of what we learned in our future careers.

On behalf of the Frontier BPA members, we would like to demonstrate our appreciation to our advisor Ms. Rogers for her help with the organization and planning for the conference. We would also like to thank Miss Taylor for joining us on trip and helping to keep us out of trouble. But above all, our trip would have been completely beyond the bounds of possibility if it were not for the generous donations of the businesses and individuals in our surrounding communities. Thank you for your kind contributions.

Please take a look at the gallery for additional photos of our time in Indianapolis. Also check out this FHS1 News broadcast which includes a mock awards ceremony we did for the state competitors.

Enjoy your spring break (robot voice)!

Join us at Buffalo Wild Wings

A lot has happened between our last update and now. We've been fundraising and seeking donations like crazy in an attempt to pay off hotel, registration, and transporation fees. A few weeks ago, we had a "Tip Night" at Monical's in Monticello. We waited and cleaned the tables, washed dishes, and invited our friends and family. We collected the tips and received some of the proceeds. Thank you to everyone who supported us there!

This time, we won't be doing any labor ourselves. Instead, we'll just be eating. We invite you to join us at Buffalo Wild Wings at Levee Plaza on Wednesday, March 11th any time in the "P.M." (starting at noon). We will receive a portion of the proceeds through their "Eat Wings, Raise Funds" program. Just by dining at B-Dubs, you will be supporting Frontier BPA.

The state conference is right around the corner, March 15-17. We're finishing up our planning and crossing our fingers for good weather!

Our next meeting is tomorrow, March 9th. Please do your best to be there because we will be passing out all of the information for state. See you at B-Dubs!

Bake Sale

Emily, Gabby, Mitch, and Anano hard at work

We've been scrambling around looking for ways to fundraise for the state conference in March.

On Thursday, we had a bake sale at the girls basketball Senior Night. The display featured donuts, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cookie-brownies, and muffins for starters. The baked goods were not priced, but we received many generous donations. We also took this opportunity to sell some leftover Yankee Candle items at half price.

The sale was a great success, bringing in far more revenue than we predicted. We are extremely grateful for those who supported the sale—through both food items and monetary donations—as well as for the hard work by the people who prepared the baked goods.

We rely solely on donations, so we cannot thank those who participated enough. Your support will send our members to the conferences which make BPA such a great program.

Our next meeting will be tomorrow, January 25th.

Our members

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Our members

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